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Dear Fashion Connoisseur,

When women visit my menswear boutiques in Zurich, they're always drawn to my tailored pieces. Inevitably, the question arises: “When are you going to design for me?” The answer is: Today!
I cordially invite you to become my design collaborator, as together we launch the Premier Edition of the Edo Popken Women's Collection. Take any one of my smart, European designed jackets, skirts and pants,
then customize them to your personal taste. Far beyond simply a choice of colors and sizes, you'll be able to select such details as the style of lapels and pockets, the color of buttons and top-stitching, lengths, inseams, even facing and lining fabrics. It's like having your own private design staff! Off-the-rack separates - even from designer boutiques and custom tailors - simply can't come close.
In addition to my suit separates, tailored of ultrafine Merino wool, I offer “collectible” shirts in Limited Editions of just 111 each. Just like a work of art, each shirt has an individually numbered tag in the collar. Imagine being one of just 111 women in all the world to own - and wear! - an Edo Popken Original!
Best of all, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. So let's make some beautiful clothing...together!

Best regards,

Edo F. F. Popken
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Darkblue Fitted Skirt Darkblue Ladies’ Trousers Black EP MIATA Superlight Quilted Down Jacket
Bordeaux EP MIATA Superlight Quilted Down Jacket Ladies’ Trousers Black Three-Button Blazer
Ladiesí Trousers
Price: $600.00
Black Two-Button Blazer Dark Blue One-Button Blazer Grey Tyrolean Blazer
Black Two-Button Blazer
Price: $1,600.00
Grey Tyrolean Blazer
Price: $1,900.00