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There's an understated elegance to Edo Popken men's designer coats and jackets that belies the typical men's winter wear image of bulk and mundaneness. Impeccably cut, our unique men's outerwear jackets encompass a broad range, from men's casual vests to men's luxury jackets, each of them seamlessly blending form and function, style and warmth. Whether it's the sleek lines of our men's winter fashion jackets — in quilted down or wool herringbone bomber styles, for instance — or the fitted silhouette of our bespoke blazers, designed in the consummate winter combination of wool and down, these Swiss designer tailored coats transform the definition of men's outerwear.

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Blue Petrol Striped St. Moritz Vest Wool Herringbone Bomber Jacket- Grey/ Orange Check Wool Herringbone Bomber Jacket- Grey/ Yellow Check
Raspberry EP Maurice Quilted Down Sports Jacket Terra Cotta EP Maurice Quilted Down Sports Jacket Midnight Blue Quilted Down Wool Blazer
Sky Blue Quilted Down Wool Blazer Forest Brown Quilted Down Tech-Fiber Blazer EP Le Mans
EP Le Mans
Price: $688.00
EP Maurice Down Jacket EP Jacket EP Down Jacket
EP Jacket
Price: $588.00
EP Down Jacket
Price: $888.00
Price: $368.00
Whether you live in San Francisco or up the coast Š East or West Š a cool breeze is always with you. If you are a Cosmopolitan, youÕll need a light layer of comfort for your travels. ThatÕs why, even for summer, I design stylish all-weather jackets with a modern, fitted look. Ultra-light for effortless comfort, they take up next to no room in your luggage. Think of them as a neat layering piece and an exclusive accessory.