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Designer Cufflinks

Certain accessories delineate a man's wardrobe as at once a nod to tradition and a contemporary presentation of individuality. Our colorful men's designer cufflinks are such accessories. Sophisticated and elegant yet whimsical and even a bit avant-garde, these unusual men's cufflinks are noteworthy for their versatility, heightening their broad appeal.

Perhaps it is the myriad hues, ranging from jewel tones to sedate neutrals. Maybe it's the embossed logo, with a large letter E beside the lion of Zurich. It could even be their ability to transcend sartorial styles, as deftly accenting a suit as a fitted shirt accompanying jeans. All these elements clearly identify these cufflinks as European cufflinks ó Swiss cufflinks, to be exact, easily categorizing them among the best designer cufflinks. The fact that you can purchase such luxury men's cufflinks online is an additional draw.

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Swiss Designer Men’s Leu Bold Pearl Cufflinks in a Variety of Colors Swiss Designer Men’s Roadster Dress Shirt - 100% Fine Blue Cotton Adorned with Cars
Now that you own one of my extraordinary shirts, you’ll need a pair – or two – of extraordinary cufflinks. Named “Leu”, which is Swiss for “lion”, they are made from genuine pearl, delicately dyed in wonderful colors to complement my dress shirts. Mix and match colors as you like. Mellow and cool, sophisticated or fancy. Due to the unique design of my Double French Cuff shirts, you will need two pairs.